Rechargeable Batteries

Umicore Cobalt and Specialty Materials is serving the rechargeable battery markets with cobaltoxide and cobalt en nickelsulphate. Our main markets today are:


Latest material solutions

CSM is offering precursor materials for some battery applications. The foundation for all our efforts is our core competencies in the fields of chemistry, material science and metallurgy.

The Closed Loop

We approach our markets with a unique Closed Loop concept. Umicore offers an environmentally responsible and commercially attractive recycling solution for the products we put on the market. Our Umicore Battery Recycling activity is one example which illustrates our passion and commitment to the environment by recycling within the Umicore Group.

We consider our materials as one important part of our full circle material solutions. Nevertheless there are other aspects which will be responsible for a sustainable long term success. Our industry is facing a strong expansion within these targeted markets from portable electronics up to the automotive and stationary power fields.